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Don't Give Up!

For a decade I led film crews into the worlds hellholes to produce commercials for Christian Children’s Fund to save needy kids.

I did a lot of stupid things a long the way.  So stupid I became the only white man in the world to be awarded Masai Warrior Beads by Africa’s Masai Chief.  (Normally you have to kill a lion with your bare hands to get them.)

Then a funny thing happened.  I fell through a trap door on my head and was never the same again.  They said I had a severe brain injury.

Emerging from a coma I immediately informed the doctor that my cat Squeaky was actually a French cat named Squeaky′ and he was the most highly decorated cat in the Second World War under Charles Degaulle. 

Besides being weird, I had some other bad things happen to me.

Losing my sense of smell my son knocked on the door to say, “Dad, I hate to bother you but your cabin is on fire.”

Losing my sense of taste I immediately woofed down all the fried shrimp I could eat…only to have my wife tell me later that it was fried cauliflower. 

Losing my depth of field I found the ups and downs in life had little meaning.

The lowest day in my life was when I first came to Sheltering Arms rehabilitation class and I flunked “Grocery Shopping.”

But being brain injured also caused some good things to happen.  I couldn’t remember who I didn’t like, so I ended up liking everybody.

I met Lori Cowan of Cowan Counseling & Disability Group P. C., my job coach, and she convinced me I was capable of doing most anything.

Believing her, I showed up one morning at Seal Team PT class.  Being old, fat and slow I was greeted by John McGuire a former Navy Seal and a young, athletic, elite group of Seal Team members.  And instead of being laughed at, they circled back and yelled “Hoo Ya” to give me encouragement.  One morning I even passed my Seal Team instructor (Of course having his foot in a cast probably slowed him a bit.)

Without these folks I probably would be making park benches.  Instead, I’m back to work and I think clearer and feel better than I did before the accident.  Don’t give up.

-Doug Burford, Burford Company Advertising


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